Holy Orders

What are Holy Orders?

Deacons, priests, and bishops have all accepted the calling of Holy Orders, and they are the ministers of the Catholic Church.

Why are Holy Orders important?

Priests, deacons, and bishops are important to the Church as they provide religious leaders to the community of believers. Holy Orders continue the tradition of Jesus and His apostles.  Men called to Holy Orders will minister to the community after many years of study.


Who can receive Holy Orders?

Catholics believe that men who have been baptized can be called by God to minister to His Church.  Men who feel called to this sacrament go through many years of study and discernment before becoming ministers.

"Through the ordained ministry, especially that of bishops and priests, the presence of Christ as head of the Church is made visible in the midst of the community of believers."

The Catechism of the Catholic Church


Office for Vocations

Diocese of La Crosse

Phone: 608.791.2667

Fr. Alan Wierzba, Director


To schedule a vocational discernment discussion, please contact Fr. Alan Wierzba.  There are many opportunities to discuss and pray the possibilities of a life in service of God and His people.  

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The sacrament they are about to receive is one of service. In profound imitation of Jesus, who “came not to be served but to serve” (Mt 20:28), these men are consecrated through Holy Orders to teach... Read More